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Producer & Project Manager

Natalie Geyser

M: +27 76 739 0237

E: beyondborders@livetheadventure.club

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Beyond Borders will see my long-time friend and pilot JP Schulze and I embark on a 90-day circumnavigation of the globe in a 4-seater plane, through 22 countries. We have successfully raised funds and excitement through Kickstarter to produce an independent feature-length documentary with footage from the flight, and the vision of driving influential change in our world.


Despite globalization enabling openness and integration, the world regrettably remains somewhat divided. There are still those that encourage hate, often due to their lack of understanding and fear. This is how the idea of Beyond Borders was founded. We know that there is no better time to produce a film that embraces and celebrates differences, and promotes understanding and empathy.


We intend to find extraordinary and ordinary people, from all backgrounds, who live in a way that is true to themselves and their worlds, whilst embracing the worlds of others. From my experience in reaching broad global audiences, I am confident that by documenting this journey in the film and daily YouTube videos, we can build understanding of other cultures, break down fear and borders, and encourage everyone to travel and explore.

In a world so divided, we feel there is no better time to produce a film embracing and celebrating differences, promoting understanding and empathy instead of instilling bigotry and hate which ultimately comes from a lack of understanding and fear.

We intend to find extraordinary and ordinary people, from all kinds of backgrounds, who live lives that are true to themselves and their worlds, while embracing the worlds of others - we want examples of truly empathetic and peaceful lives. 

It will be a film celebrating unity, differences and love. We intend to break down borders, illustrate how small our world really is, and encourage others to travel and explore. 

With a top notch production team behind us, this film will be nothing short of spectacular. We will leverage the creative freedom this Kickstarter campaign offers to redefine independent filmmaking and drive truly influential change in our world.


Louis will continue to daily vlog the journey, offering a daily behind the scenes experience of the trip and the filming of the documentary.

JP will leverage his flying experience to complete individual legs averaging 1400 nautical miles each to eventually complete the circumnavigation. Louis will focus on filmmaking, while a ground crew and production team will facilitate logistics, weather briefings, documentary pre-production and on-site filming.The trip will require flying into over 22 countries on 6 continents, offering a diverse and culturally rich filming environment which is the intention of the film itself.

In early 2015 the two friends spent two weeks flying across Southern Africa. To this day it still remains to be one of the boys' biggest adventures, as they covered 5000 miles in a small 2 seat Sling Aircraft and enveloped themselves into a variety of cultures including a Himba tribe still living true to their roots. It lead to JP capturing the photograph below, with Himba kids absolutely mesmerized by photobooth. A perfect illustration on just how much there still is to learn about other cultures. 

Louis daily vlogged the trip and viewers raved about the content! Watch those daily vlogs here for a taste on what is to come!


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